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Powers of Attorney can only be drawn up by someone who is mentally capable of doing so. Sometimes accidents or ill health mean that's no longer possible.

If a person no longer has mental capacity and there is no LPA or EPA in place then the Public Guardianship Office and the Court of Protection will have to be involved.

The Court of Protection is a special Court which makes decisions for people who cannot manage their financial affairs anymore, including making decisions as to who should be appointed to manage their affairs for them.

The Public Guardianship Office is a wing of the Court of Protection and exists to supervise people who are appointed to manage other people's financial affairs.

Those appointed to manage another person's financial affairs by the Court are called Deputies. Once appointed, the Deputy will be supervised by the Court and will have to ask the Court's permission to take certain actions.

Making an application to the Court to be appointed as a Deputy can be complicated and involves lots of paperwork. We can guide you through this or complete it for you and offer guidance once appointed. We can also act as a Deputy where appropriate.