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Selling Residential Property

Residential Property

The most important steps you can take when selling your property is to get in touch with us as soon as you have decided to sell and inform your estate agents of our details.

How can you ensure delays do not occur?

The property may be registered with the land registry allowing us to download title documents electronically and prepare the contract. However, if the property is unregistered make sure we know the whereabouts of your title deeds. . If you have a mortgage the deeds may be with the lender and these can take a few weeks for them to send them to us so it's important we request them as early as possible. If you have a mortgage we will also need your mortgage account number to request a redemption statement.

We will send you some forms containing standard enquiries for you to complete. If you get them back to us as early as possible we can send them out to your buyers solicitor with the contract package. The buyers solicitor will also request planning permission or building regulation certificates for any works carried out to the property, together with any available guarantees.

All of the above will help avoid any unnecessary delays.

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