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Private Individuals > Residential Property > The Conveyancing Process

The Conveyancing Process

The conveyancing process generally follows a set pattern. We have set the pattern out below to help you through your house purchase or sale from start to finish.

Stage 1

Seller agrees to sell to purchaser for set price.

Purchaser agrees to buy for set price.

Purchaser applies for Mortgage.

Stage 2

Estate Agent will inform both parties Solicitors of the agreements terms of sale.

Stage 3

The sellers solicitor will draft the Contract and send this to the Purchasers solicitor.

The purchasers solicitor will examine the title deeds and look into such matters as rights of way, access for repairs, restrictions on use, Covenants etc and carry out the local search, water search and which utility services serve the property.

Stage 4

The sellers solicitor will reply to enquiries the purchaser's solicitor may have raised.

Stage 5

Sellers will sign their part contract.

The purchaser''s Solicitor will report to you on the title documentation and provided a mortgage offer has been received, will then ask you to make a mutually convenient appointment.

Stage 6

Exchange of contracts.

A deposit is paid by the purchasers to their solicitor who then on exchange of contracts binds the seller to sell and the purchaser to buy the property at the agreed price by the exchanging agreements for sale which set out the basic terms of the bargain they entering into. At this stage they commit themselves to the transaction and agree a date (the completion date) on which the money and the keys will be given by the seller to the purchaser. The deposit is non-refundable if the purchaser does not proceed.

Stage 7

Completion day

Seller will leave the keys to the property.

Completion day

The purchaser's solicitor will obtain funds from the lender and will then electronically transfer the balance required to purchase the property to the sellers solicitor and the purchaser collects the keys from the agent.

Stage 8

The sellers solicitor redeems the mortgage and the title deeds are sent to the purchaser's solicitor.

The purchaser's solicitor receives the title deeds and applies for registration of the property at the land registry.