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Buying Residential Property

Residential Property

Buying a property is likely to be the most expensive purchase of your life and can be a very stressful time. Our expertise and wealth of experience will ensure it goes as smoothly as possible and we will always be on hand to guide you throughout the process.

We provide a fast, efficient and value for money service using the latest modern technology.

We provide:

  • Fixed Fee Quotations
  • Instant Quotations by telephone, post or email (click here to contact us for a quote)
  • SMS Messaging
  • Email Updates

What holds up your purchase?

The key to your ability to buy and the time it takes you to do so, is the availability of mortgage funds.

The valuation report being carried out by your lender may also take time so ensure you provide the arrangement fees or valuation fees to your mortgage adviser as soon as possible to avoid delays.

How can you ensure delays do not occur?

Make sure you contact your proposed lender(s) from the outset to see just how much you can borrow and what their requirements are likely to be with regard to references and information etc.

Make sure you have taken into account all the costs you will incur when purchasing the property. Contact us to obtain a quote of the professional costs you will incur with us and also the disbursements such as Stamp Duty, Land Registry fees and local searches as these are usually more costly than people anticipate.

Click here for answers to some common questions or to obtain a competitive conveyancing quote from a member of our property team please click here to contact us.